Talking Diversity & Inclusion with London Market Group: Part 1

9 April 2019

diverse workplace

Diversity and inclusion is one of the big topics in today’s business world. We chatted about some of the key issues with Teresa Bentley, who is currently leading the London Market Group’s (LMG) Talent and Diversity Programme. This is the first of a two-part interview in which she shared her experiences and insight.

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The Strange Case of IR35 and Housing - A Parallel Universe

4 April 2019


There is a parallel universe in housing whereby the IR35 intermediary legislation currently applies to one half of the housing market but not the other. Sarah Stevenson examines the impact of this difference and shares her insight in readiness for the legislation coming fully into play April 2020.

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Selling Yourself On Paper - An Interim Provider's View

3 April 2019

cv writing

Learn how to boost your interim CV to catch the attention of employers. Interim Partners answer some key questions about CVs and provide their top tips.

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Reflections on Government Health Policy

2 April 2019

laptop clipboard

Paul David Corrigan, Director of Strategy and Commissioning of the NHS London Strategic Health Authority and former Senior Health Policy Adviser to Tony Blair, shares his reflections on the impact of his achievements.

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Life at the Top: Thrills, Spills and a Few Bellyaches

21 March 2019

man on mountain

Boris Worrall, Chief Executive of Rooftop Housing Group recently celebrated his two-year anniversary in what is his first chief executive role. Read some of his top tips on becoming a newly appointed chief executive.

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Crisis Management: There’s No Better Way to Judge Someone’s Real Character

19 March 2019

superhero in business suit

Learn how Andy Dobson kept calm under pressure and responded in a time of crisis.

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DNA of the Challenger Banking CRO

15 March 2019

house on coin stack

We had the pleasure of catching up with Feike Brouwers, for our interview series. Feike is a chief financial officer turned chief risk officer with over 20 years’ experience in retail banking.

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7 Questions All Aspiring Non-Execs Should Ask

13 March 2019

NED 2019 blog part 2

This is the second of a two-part blog series on the role of the NED and we share insights from Christine Cross, experienced FTSE NED and speaker at our recent ‘NED: Do I or Don’t I? event.

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Clinician Versus Manager: Overcoming the Great Divide

11 March 2019

doctor working on laptop

The NHS needs to change for it to meet the rising demands. Delivering on both the five-year forward view and the STPs will be one of the biggest challenges NHS leaders will face in the coming year. I sat down with Smriti Singh, Programme Director and husband Neil who is a clinician to discuss how they have drawn on each other’s experiences and insights to benefit them both.

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New Age Banking: Hip, Cool and Social

7 March 2019

millennial banker

What links hotel heiress Paris Hilton, former boxing champion Floyd Mayweather and Oscar winner Jamie Foxx? They are massive fans of cryptocurrencies (or at least that’s what they tell their Instagram followers).

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