Making Partner: The Game is Changing

18 February 2020

The ability to bring in new clients and generate income has been a top priority when appointing partners, but are values and purpose now coming to the fore?

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Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast: Five Key Takeaways

13 February 2020

The five key take aways from our recent event with John Carey, on the importance of a powerful and empowering culture as the route to organisational success.

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IR35: Is a Statement of Works the Answer?

10 February 2020

Is a Statement of Works the Answer?

Would engaging contractors on a Statement of Works (SoW) be the magic bullet that will ensure IR35 compliance?

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IR35: Protecting Your Access to Skills Post-April 2020

14 January 2020

IR35: Protecting your access to skills post-April 2020

The changes to IR35 coming in April 2020 threaten to drain organisations of top talent. How can your business protect its access to the best talent in the market?

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