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I wish omni-channel was easy

26 May 2017


Perhaps the dirtiest two words in retail at the moment are “omni-channel”. Just two small words causing retailers some of the biggest headaches. The biggest challenge is developing a supply chain infrastructure that is at best affordable and capable of coping.

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Upskill, or proceed to self-checkout

20 February 2017

Upskill or proceed to self-checkout

It is undeniable that even in the past five years, technological progress has revolutionised how retailers sell and customers buy, but what does that mean for the role of the employee in this shape-shifting sector?

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Are concession stores the future of retail?

4 January 2017

Concession stores

Whilst many brands are closing their high-street doors to focus on digital sales, some are looking to maximise revenue by making best use of the vast physical space.

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Pogues, Band Aid, Wham, or Sainsbury's?

17 November 2016

Is it just me, or is the battle to be crowned the number 1 Christmas advert becoming bigger than the pop chart equivalent?

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Small Retailers: It's your time now!

8 September 2016

Small retailers blog

Richard Lindsay discusses the changes to the retail and consumer industry in 2016.

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Leading Business Change - An interview with Dr Karin Stumpf

5 July 2016

Leading business change

Dr. Karin Stumpf speaks to Ibi Thomson about the major pitfalls and critical success factors for organisations undergoing major transformation.

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Industry 4.0 - When will the scales tip for UK Manufacturing?

26 February 2016

This week, I attended the Manufacturer Live event, held in lovely surroundings at the Institute of Engineering & Technology, Savoy Place. What really impressed me was the passion and determination that the organisers had for Industry 4.0.

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The CV of the Future

7 January 2016

A resourceful young man called Tom Skinner ingeniously decided to create his CV in the style of a Mr Men book (Mr Candidate) and subsequently landed his perfect job.

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Is it time to transform the interim management model?

5 January 2016

Traditionally, interim providers are judged on their ability to provide the right candidate for a given situation.

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Time to trust your instinct

17 December 2015

If you are hoping for a guideline on what to wear for work or during an interview, then you'd better stop reading, I haven't got a clue anymore.

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