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Re-inventing Industries: Releasing the Power Within

2 May 2019

oil rig sunset

Change and transformation. What does it mean and why does it cost so many businesses more than a pretty penny? The energy markets industry has various juggernaut organisations across oil and gas, mining and renewables. How can they move away from the ‘this is the way we do things here’ mindset or urge to call in a management consultancy when challenges are faced?

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Digital transformation in Facilities Management

26 June 2018

fm Digital Transformation

Rob Smith, interviews David Hipkin on Digital transformation within the Facilities Management space.

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Becoming an iNED

19 June 2018

Cameron Marr talks to Interim Partners about the role of an independent Non-Executive Director (or iNED)

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Simon Burrow on customer centric culture

21 May 2018

A guest blog from Simon Burrow on the three key steps to creating a customer centric culture.

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Graham Wheeler on Motor Finance

2 May 2018


Sixty-second interview with Graham Wheeler, motor finance guru and ex CEO of VW Bank, on the development of products and challenge against opportunity in the motor finance sector.

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Boards of the Future – The modern ‘Plural Career’

17 April 2018


With the increased legal responsibility on Non-Executive Directors through the new Senior Managers Regime we are seeing high quality talent not moving from their executive roles into the traditional plural NED career.

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The role of the Chief Risk Officer

10 April 2018

Stephen Bell on the role of the Chief Risk Officer, the major challenges faced today and how the role has evolved since the credit crisis.

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Teresa Bentley on the work of the London Market Group

26 March 2018

Teresa Bentley, fresh from her CII Classroom to Boardroom Initiative of the Year Award win for her work on raising awareness of Insurance as an attractive career of choice, speaks to Interim partners.

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Andrew Weir on Cloud Services and AI

16 March 2018

60 Second interview with Andrew Weir, Senior Technology Advisor, on the development of Cloud Services, AI and challenges to the financial services sector.

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John Wilkinson on digital advice strategy

15 March 2018

John Wilkinson has spent a successful career in Financial Services. A Principal, Financial & Professional Services, talked to him about how to execute a digital advice strategy, excellently.

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