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CQC Inspections – Interim solutions driving forward safer patient outcomes

11 December 2018


Denise Raw listens to Clare Forsyth about her work driving forward excellence within the Private Sector.

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Private Care Growth - is that time now?

27 September 2018


With cancer waiting times at their worst level ever, I wonder how quickly this can actually be resolved moving forward?

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CV or not to CV, that is the question.

27 September 2018


Type into google the word CV and there are around 827,000,000 results. The top results being, ‘how to write a CV’, ‘how to write a successful CV’ and (the dreaded) ‘Free CV templates’. There are many ways to write a good CV and everyone will have their own opinion.

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Chris Gibson on innovation in medicine

2 July 2018


In my experience, most aspiring career individuals have some form of "driver" – their own reason to get out of bed in the morning, whether it’s a professional goal or a career milestone.

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NHS in crisis - how interims can help

30 May 2018


The importance of the NHS has never been greater with the ever-changing political landscape, underfunding and an ageing population...

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70 years of the NHS

30 April 2018


With so many big national events happening this year, I wonder who will sit back and think about the NHS and its incarnation in 1948.

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Exporting NHS restructuring experience to the Middle East

24 April 2018


Denise Raw, Principal of Health at Interim Partners, talks to Pelham Allen, a very experienced turnaround director, about his successful career within Healthcare and why he has taken on the challenge of helping Saudi Arabia to build first class hospital services.

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Can the NHS and private healthcare providers work together?

12 March 2018


Thanks to all those who managed to join us at the King’s Fund on the morning of the 28th February. “The Beast from the East” was after us and the snow lay heavily on Oxford Street as the Interim Partners team made their way to our breakfast seminar with Karen Jackson.

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Has Hunt been promoted?!

9 January 2018

Has Jeremy Hunt been promoted?!

We were promised a big reshuffle. I don’t think so, hardly anything happened. Who did catch my eye was Jeremy Hunt. Has he really been promoted?? Is anyone else thinking what I am thinking? Is this decision a reward for failure?...

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Where Health meets Housing

8 December 2017

Where Health meets Housing

The NHS is suffering; the squeeze on funding and the increasing demand on services is putting huge pressure on our hospitals. If social landlords and NHS organisations worked closer together, I am confident we would see a number of benefits...

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