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Clinician Versus Manager: Overcoming the Great Divide

11 March 2019

doctor working on laptop

The NHS needs to change for it to meet the rising demands. Delivering on both the five-year forward view and the STPs will be one of the biggest challenges NHS leaders will face in the coming year. I sat down with Smriti Singh, Programme Director and husband Neil who is a clinician to discuss how they have drawn on each other’s experiences and insights to benefit them both.

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Top five rules for growing your team

16 May 2016

Claire Carter shares lessons she's learned from growing the Public Sector team.

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Have you heard the news from Monitor?

21 October 2015

With the launch of the HSJ investigation into the causes and consequences of the NHS’s growing reliance on temporary clinical and medical staff, I am interested to discuss the impact and future of non-clinical interim managers within the NHS. 

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Feeling the burn?

1 September 2015

The summer of 2015 has seen a lot of movement among NHS board members with over 11 new leaders taking up CEO posts across the country.

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Is the NHS really being ripped off?

3 July 2015

Over the last few weeks I have been reflecting on this question. I'm not talking about procurement, I'm talking about agency and management consultancy spend. 

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A&E Crisis ‘Biggest in over a decade’: what can be done?

29 May 2015

The care that people receive in our Emergency Departments is one of the measures by which the NHS as a whole is judged.

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Can you see a paperless NHS by 2018?

27 March 2015

It has been widely accepted that electronic health records are fundamental to improving patient safety and care. The Government made a commitment to a greater role for IT in healthcare, and proposed to create a ‘paperless NHS’ by 2018.

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Mind the Gap. The difficulties of stepping up to a Director of Finance role in the NHS

23 February 2015

I recently read an article which rang very true with me. It was an interview with John Cleese, talking about creativity. He said: “The absolute killer of creativity is interruptions.

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My evening with Jeremy Hunt

13 February 2015

It was the event we’ve all been waiting for! Roy Lilley in an intimate conversation with the Secretary of State for Health, Jeremy Hunt. I am always fascinated by the body language of public speakers.

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