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The value of going digital

30 May 2017

The value of going digital

The cost of care is one of the biggest challenges the health system is facing. With demand and pressures growing within Health and the Social Care sector to drive forward efficiencies on a faster scale than ever, this digital way of working is taking care homes by storm.

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I wish omni-channel was easy

26 May 2017


Perhaps the dirtiest two words in retail at the moment are “omni-channel”. Just two small words causing retailers some of the biggest headaches. The biggest challenge is developing a supply chain infrastructure that is at best affordable and capable of coping.

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The lost art of relaxation

4 May 2017

The lost art of relaxation

Our Director of Financial Services Tom Forrest, explores the challenges of keeping a good work-life balance and the benefits of a relaxing two day weekend.

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Time, there's not enough of it!

21 April 2017

Time, there's not enough of it!

Our director of the Public Sector Claire Carter, explores the challenges of limited time and why Interim Partners is different.

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Interim Book Launch: 90 Days to Profit

19 April 2017

Interim Book Launch: 90 Days to Profit

Our director of Manufacturing and Engineering Claire Lauder, interviews one of her Interims, Steve Shoulder, about his new book '90 days to profit'.

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Red to Green - The legacy of a true interim

11 April 2017

Red and Green days

Denise Raw, Principal of Public Sector, interviews an Interim Operations Director she has placed to find out about the challenges of implementing 'Red and Green days.'

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Interview with Barry Townsend

31 March 2017

Interview: Barry Townsend

Sarah Simpson, Principal - Consumer Manufacturing, interviews Barry Townsend. Barry is the European Purchasing Director for Interface, primarily looking after raw material purchasing.

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What Brexit?!

29 March 2017

Consumer Manufacturing and Brexit

Sarah Simpson discusses the effects of Brexit on the Consumer Manufacturing Sector and how we can maintain the Manufacturing Industry's growth despite the uncertainty of leaving the EU.

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Interim Interview: Alan Salamon

6 March 2017

Interim Interview: Pensions and Brexit

Oli Templeton, Senior Consultant - Financial & Professional Services, interviews Alan Salamon. Alan is a recognised industry leading company pension and investment specialist with strategic, operational and commercial experience in both Defined Contribution (DC) and Defined Benefit (DB) regimes.

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24 February 2017

Bloodhound SSC Project

After attending The Manufacturer live launch at the Houses of Parliament this week and listening to Richard Noble OBE talk excitedly about the Bloodhound SSC project, it got me thinking.

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