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UK Manufacturing - dig a little deeper

1 November 2017

UK Manufacturing - dig a little deeper

The pound has certainly seen a fall from grace – ask anyone who has taken a holiday to Europe since the referendum! But, what does that mean for the UK Manufacturing?

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Interview with Barry Townsend

31 March 2017

Interview: Barry Townsend

Sarah Simpson, Principal - Consumer Manufacturing, interviews Barry Townsend. Barry is the European Purchasing Director for Interface, primarily looking after raw material purchasing.

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What Brexit?!

29 March 2017

Consumer Manufacturing and Brexit

Sarah Simpson discusses the effects of Brexit on the Consumer Manufacturing Sector and how we can maintain the Manufacturing Industry's growth despite the uncertainty of leaving the EU.

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24 February 2017

Bloodhound SSC Project

After attending The Manufacturer live launch at the Houses of Parliament this week and listening to Richard Noble OBE talk excitedly about the Bloodhound SSC project, it got me thinking.

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Bigger threat than Brexit?

10 February 2017

Brexit vs ageing workforce

What is more of a threat to UK manufacturing and engineering businesses?

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Trams & Trump: who is to blame?

14 November 2016

The 9th of November was a shocking day for many reasons but what happened with the Croydon Tram? Could this have been avoided?

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Manufacturing: How to survive the next industrial revolution

13 October 2016

Manufacturing Industry

How can manufacturing companies remain competitive and ensure they win business amid the dawn of a new industrial revolution

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Post-Brexit: Is Britain still an attractive location for businesses?

8 August 2016

UK Europe map

In truth, there is no shortage of businesses blaming Brexit but from where I stand some businesses aren’t and haven’t helped themselves and some were already on route to a bad ride anyway.

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Three peaks: we did it!

1 August 2016

Three Peaks

We did it! It was not easy, in fact it was far more difficult than any of us had prepared for but we completed it and managed to raise over £7,000 for our charity partners.

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Gender diversity in businesses dependent on STEM employees

19 July 2016

We recently held a great panel discussion event on the subject of gender diversity. This topic has been talked about for a long time, particularly with regard to the debate about quotas for the number of female board members in FTSE listed businesses. The best question from the audience was: “What changes have you implemented that delivered the quickest results?”

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