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DNA of the Challenger Banking CRO

15 March 2019

house on coin stack

We had the pleasure of catching up with Feike Brouwers, for our interview series. Feike is a chief financial officer turned chief risk officer with over 20 years’ experience in retail banking.

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New Age Banking: Hip, Cool and Social

7 March 2019

millennial banker

What links hotel heiress Paris Hilton, former boxing champion Floyd Mayweather and Oscar winner Jamie Foxx? They are massive fans of cryptocurrencies (or at least that’s what they tell their Instagram followers).

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Avril Chester - from interim to entrepreneur

18 May 2018


Interim Partners, speaks with Avril Chester on her transition from interim manager to entrepreneur.

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Graham Wheeler on Motor Finance

2 May 2018


Sixty-second interview with Graham Wheeler, motor finance guru and ex CEO of VW Bank, on the development of products and challenge against opportunity in the motor finance sector.

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Boards of the Future – The modern ‘Plural Career’

17 April 2018


With the increased legal responsibility on Non-Executive Directors through the new Senior Managers Regime we are seeing high quality talent not moving from their executive roles into the traditional plural NED career.

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Andrew Weir on Cloud Services and AI

16 March 2018

60 Second interview with Andrew Weir, Senior Technology Advisor, on the development of Cloud Services, AI and challenges to the financial services sector.

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GDPR in HR and Talent

25 October 2017

GDPR in HR and Talent

As part of our ongoing series of events with Bird & Bird, which explore legal issues around HR, we were delighted to cover the topical subject of GDPR.

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Not another MiFID II round up...

31 October 2016

Mifid II London City

Discussions on the MiFID II regulations and the impact these will have on the sector in light of the recent Brexit vote.

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The rise of challenger banks - unprecedented or expected?

10 November 2015

Have the well-established banks had it way too easy for way too long? If history is anything to go by, you might say “yes, absolutely”.

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12 million

2 November 2015

Loan sharks, unethical and irresponsible are words often used to describe companies within the short term consumer lending space.  

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