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My evening with Keith McNeill & Roy Lilley

22 October 2015

Do we continue to place Trusts into special measures indefinitely? How do we increase staffing levels? Is fundamental system reform what’s needed - is it doable or desired?

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My evening with Sir Robert Naylor: “The future is about collaboration”

21 September 2015

Roy Lilley's latest Health Chat: Sir Robert states that the NHS CEO role “is the best job in the NHS.”

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The Holy Grail? NHS, IT and creating impact

8 September 2015

A guest editorial for on three IT related areas which would make it easier and safer for patients to “get in; get diagnosed; get fixed up; get out; and get on with their lives.”  

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Go for broke? What is an ‘acceptable’ NHS provider deficit?

3 August 2015

Is radical structural overhaul required to deliver a NHS capable of functioning long into the 21st century? What is an ‘acceptable’ provider deficit? 

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“The Price of everything and the value of nothing.”

19 June 2015

I embrace the opportunity that a refocus on value presents for interim management provision. It’s a real opportunity for leading interim management providers to play a significant role in supporting the NHS to identify value. 

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What is the impact of the General Election result on NHS finances?

7 May 2015

Tomorrow UK voters will go to the ballot box to vote in what the polls suggest, will be a close election race with multiple possibilities for which party or parties will form the next government.  

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Barts: Too big to fail?

21 April 2015

‘Too big to fail’ is a term often associated  with financial institutions and used to suggest that certain businesses, so interconnected and so large are worth being supported by government when facing potential failure.   

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Are you a Vanguardista?

18 March 2015

NHS England recently announced 29 “vanguard” areas that will take a national lead in the transformation of care for patients across England by developing new/innovative models of care in line with the Five Year Forward View.

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Mind the Gap. The difficulties of stepping up to a Director of Finance role in the NHS

23 February 2015

I recently read an article which rang very true with me. It was an interview with John Cleese, talking about creativity. He said: “The absolute killer of creativity is interruptions.

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Back to the Future: Is the NHS Foundation Trust Model Relevant?

4 February 2015

Congratulations to St George’s University Hospital, which this week was authorised as a Foundation Trust (FT) by Monitor. This is a great achievement and a reflection of considerable hard work.

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David Rason joins Interim Partners Healthcare practice

16 January 2015

I joined Interim Partners in January 2015 with a focus on finance appointments within the Healthcare sector. This focus extends across community, mental health and acute providers as well as CCGs and Commissioning Support.

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