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The power of authenticity and team work

25 May 2017

Be brave

Interim partners had an excellent strategy day recently, reminding ourselves of the important corner stones of our business. Our Vision and Mission. It was great to see the team fired up in action.

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Why are we passionate about measuring ROI?

20 February 2017

ROI phone

Did you know that more than 85% of our Interim Executives now work through our Return on Interim (ROI) methodology? So what is it?

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Our Success in 2017?

8 February 2017

You have probably already read what many believe will be the factors that will affect our lives and the economy in 2017. I could talk about Trump, Brexit, climate change and Islamic terrorism, then find a way to shoe horn in a bit Interim Management and ideally our methodologies.

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“You can call me Al”

21 April 2015

I arrived at my desk last week and noticed I had a parcel waiting. It's always good to get a parcel, I am sure this feeling comes from childhood. Suffice to say – it was a good start to the day.

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What is your New Year resolution?

12 January 2015

Happy New Year! Like many of my colleagues – I have decided to have a dry January – and potentially raise a little money in the process. For the avoidance of doubt – having a dry January is one without alcohol.

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How do you measure success?

24 November 2014

Meeting Executive Interim Managers is always interesting. Many of the interims I know have some wonderful stories. These include being held at gun point in Asia, being stopped by the police...

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Sunday Times Top 100

1 July 2009

Interim Management company, Interim Partners, is describing an optimistic year in 2009 on the back of its success in the 2008 Sunday Fast Track 100. 

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