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2019 - Trends, Trials and Tribulations of the Housing Interim Market

21 October 2019

Sarah Stevenson reflects on some of the key trends in the housing interim market in 2019, looking at the trials, tribulations and opportunities as we look ahead into 2020.

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The Strange Case of IR35 and Housing - A Parallel Universe

4 April 2019


There is a parallel universe in housing whereby the IR35 intermediary legislation currently applies to one half of the housing market but not the other. Sarah Stevenson examines the impact of this difference and shares her insight in readiness for the legislation coming fully into play April 2020.

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Tea and Empathy – The positive power of a cup of tea (amongst other things) on service delivery

24 December 2018


I’m lucky enough to meet some incredible people in my work, one of whom is John Giesen. A passion that both John and I share is employee engagement and in particular, the positive feedthrough of highly engaged staff to the end-user customers; often called the employee engagement value chain.

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Customer transformation - How not to lose friends and alienate people

11 April 2018


With the backdrop of limited resources to deliver programmes designed to make services more efficient, varied and personalised, how best can leaders mitigate the downside risk?

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The power of words

8 January 2018

The power of words

I think a lot about words, and the power of semantics. I write to people who have never spoken to me before, often chief executives and board members of housing associations who have many more important things to do than read my emails.

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Tech first, people second

27 September 2017

Tech first, people second

Sarah Stevenson discusses the importance of a customer-centric approach, with technology serving as an enabler.

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The introverted leader’s secret weapon (Part 1)

30 March 2017


Sarah Stevenson discusses different leadership styles and the advantages of being an introvert vs extrovert when managing and running a business.

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Housing Association Mergers - time for the sector to eat a little humble pie?

20 December 2016

Housing association mergers

‘We’re housing associations: it’s not like we’re merging Oxfam and an arms dealer’.

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The rise and fall of the mega merger

26 September 2016

rise and fall of mergers

In the last few weeks, boards of Affinity Sutton and Circle have agreed to press ahead with plans for a 128,000-home ‘mega-merger’.

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Social Housing – winners or losers post-Brexit? Depends who’s asking

14 July 2016

Maybe the two thirds of housing association tenants who voted “leave” foresaw something that the Remain camp, failed to see.

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