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Top 5 tips on handling redundancy

13 October 2015

Congratulations on being made redundant. I say this because this might be the making of you - massive disappointments were the making of some of the greatest companies the world has ever seen, including Dyson, Ford and Disney.

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What gets measured, gets done

7 October 2015

Increasingly rigid briefs, more and more onerous contractual obligations and let’s not forget the need to innovate.

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The benefit of benefits

7 October 2015

One of the fundamental reasons those in pursuit of permanent employment stay permanent and don’t engage in the interim world is the company benefits package they get to enjoy as an FTE.

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Benefits of charity partnerships

28 September 2015

Philanthropy is not only a powerful way of tackling issues that affect your business operations, but it can also influence society more broadly.

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How does a brand like Volkswagen ever recover from such a scandal?

23 September 2015

How does a brand with such strong consumer loyalty and following ever restore confidence and trust in their products?

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My evening with Sir Robert Naylor: “The future is about collaboration”

21 September 2015

Roy Lilley's latest Health Chat: Sir Robert states that the NHS CEO role “is the best job in the NHS.”

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Suits you

15 September 2015

If you are hoping for a guideline on what to wear for work or during an interview, then you'd better stop reading, I haven't got a clue anymore.

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The Holy Grail? NHS, IT and creating impact

8 September 2015

A guest editorial for on three IT related areas which would make it easier and safer for patients to “get in; get diagnosed; get fixed up; get out; and get on with their lives.”  

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Feeling the burn?

1 September 2015

The summer of 2015 has seen a lot of movement among NHS board members with over 11 new leaders taking up CEO posts across the country.

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Assessing the value of interim management

21 August 2015

The cynic, said Oscar Wilde, is a person who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing.

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