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The introverted leader’s secret weapon (Part 1)

30 March 2017


Sarah Stevenson discusses different leadership styles and the advantages of being an introvert vs extrovert when managing and running a business.

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What Brexit?!

29 March 2017

Consumer Manufacturing and Brexit

Sarah Simpson discusses the effects of Brexit on the Consumer Manufacturing Sector and how we can maintain the Manufacturing Industry's growth despite the uncertainty of leaving the EU.

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IR35: A lesson from history

9 March 2017


For many independent contractors, consultants and interim managers - and the clients who engaged them - April 2000 was a very significant month: the month when IR35 came into force.

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Interim Interview: Alan Salamon

6 March 2017

Interim Interview: Pensions and Brexit

Oli Templeton, Senior Consultant - Financial & Professional Services, interviews Alan Salamon. Alan is a recognised industry leading company pension and investment specialist with strategic, operational and commercial experience in both Defined Contribution (DC) and Defined Benefit (DB) regimes.

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Interim Management: It’s not just the Oscars who have a problem with names.

27 February 2017


Poor Faye Dunaway. She will now be better remembered as the person who read out the wrong Best Picture title than for previously being named Best Actress and having two further Oscar nominations.

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24 February 2017

Bloodhound SSC Project

After attending The Manufacturer live launch at the Houses of Parliament this week and listening to Richard Noble OBE talk excitedly about the Bloodhound SSC project, it got me thinking.

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Why are we passionate about measuring ROI?

20 February 2017

ROI phone

Did you know that more than 85% of our Interim Executives now work through our Return on Interim (ROI) methodology? So what is it?

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Upskill, or proceed to self-checkout

20 February 2017

Upskill or proceed to self-checkout

It is undeniable that even in the past five years, technological progress has revolutionised how retailers sell and customers buy, but what does that mean for the role of the employee in this shape-shifting sector?

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Bigger threat than Brexit?

10 February 2017

Brexit vs ageing workforce

What is more of a threat to UK manufacturing and engineering businesses?

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Our Success in 2017?

8 February 2017

You have probably already read what many believe will be the factors that will affect our lives and the economy in 2017. I could talk about Trump, Brexit, climate change and Islamic terrorism, then find a way to shoe horn in a bit Interim Management and ideally our methodologies.

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