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Redress for Banks is closing in on the £40 billion mark

2 December 2014

According to Money Marketing, between 2008 and 2014 there were 21 million complaints made to banks. A report states that “an aggressive sales mindset has been rewarded and reinforced across the industry for over a decade”.

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What will be the demand areas for interims managers in 2015?

1 December 2014

This year marked the 65th year of the NHS and we should celebrate the extraordinary success of a health service officially recognised as the best in the world. At Interim Partners, the NHS becomes a more fascinating place to operate

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The 12 trends of Christmas… shopping

28 November 2014

In time for the silly shopping season, take a look at the predicted trends for December 2014 present purchasing: 1.The newest “high maintenance” child’s toy which cries if you don’t look after it – Zeno

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The Social Housing crisis: Is partnership the answer?

26 November 2014

In November I attended a very interesting seminar hosted by the Business Services Association on the subject of ‘Partnership Working in Housing Services’. Hillary Benn MP spoke rather eloquently

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Are Energy Companies burying their heads in the sand?

25 November 2014

Global warming has now been largely accepted as fact by most citizens and governments. Our weather patterns have changed, carbon dioxide continues to pour into the atmosphere (largely man-made) and the polar ice caps are shrinking.

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How do you measure success?

24 November 2014

Meeting Executive Interim Managers is always interesting. Many of the interims I know have some wonderful stories. These include being held at gun point in Asia, being stopped by the police...

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Have You Got Your “Procurement Mojo”?

24 November 2014

Our interim executives are a talented lot. One of them, Sigi Osagie, has recently published a book which offers a fresh perspective on how Procurement Professionals can boost their organisation’s Procurement capability.

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Can Boris pull it off?

31 October 2014

Recent headlines have called on City professionals to invest some of their own personal wealth into medical research and technology as part of a push to attract more angel investment into UK Life Sciences.

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The K.I.S.S! approach to business transformation

28 October 2014

On 23rd October we hosted a breakfast seminar in collaboration with City Law Firm, RPC. During the session we discussed how best to run a successful Business Transformation programme.

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Women in senior manufacturing roles: rarer than women bishops?

14 July 2014

On 14th July the Church of England voted to allow women to become bishops for the first time in its history. For the past 20 years women have been allowed to become priests, with 20% now being female. 

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