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Chris Gibson on innovation in medicine

2 July 2018


In my experience, most aspiring career individuals have some form of "driver" – their own reason to get out of bed in the morning, whether it’s a professional goal or a career milestone.

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"When there is no wind, row"

25 June 2018

Karl Rego

Karl is an investor, entrepreneur, board advisor and speaker. He is a Dealmaker and a pluralist Interim Executive.

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Jack of all trades, master of none

31 May 2018


Tesco’s recent announcement that it is to shut down Tesco Direct, its General Merchandise website, has made me reflect on my own experiences as an employee.

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NHS in crisis - how interims can help

30 May 2018


The importance of the NHS has never been greater with the ever-changing political landscape, underfunding and an ageing population...

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What does a modern workplace look like?

29 May 2018

remote working

All UK employees who have worked in an organisation for more than 26 weeks are entitled to make a request for flexible working arrangements, according to Acas. Still, many wouldn’t ask or even know that this is something open to them.

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Assured Outcome Delivery

24 May 2018

Assured Outcome Delivery is a proven board-level and programme-level approach and toolset developed to address why change programmes fail to deliver predicted benefits.

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“If a job is worth doing, do it well!”

22 May 2018

aerospace and defence

A lesson on driving sustainable business transformation, from Aerospace & Defence industry expert, Russ Haworth (CEO).

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Simon Burrow on customer centric culture

21 May 2018

A guest blog from Simon Burrow on the three key steps to creating a customer centric culture.

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Avril Chester - from interim to entrepreneur

18 May 2018


Ben Johnson, Director of Financial Services at Interim Partners, speaks with Avril Chester on her transition from interim manager to entrepreneur.

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"Do different" (OEE)

2 May 2018


A guest blog by Modestino Graziano - a seasoned Operations Director and a self proclaimed 'Chief Troublemaker' in the world of Pharmaceuticals & Medical Devices - on the importance of honesty and transparency in the workplace.

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