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Mile wide/inch deep: Is this the sort of FM business that works best?

6 April 2018


In these challenging times for Facilities Management (FM) businesses I thought I'd pose the question "What type of FM business works best?"

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The promised land

4 April 2018


On Wednesday 4th April, the government has issued a final warning to businesses of 250 or more employees to report their gender pay gap by midnight. The government believes that these measures will contribute to increasing awareness and encouraging culture change.

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Andrew Weir on Cloud Services and AI

16 March 2018

60 Second interview with Andrew Weir, Senior Technology Advisor, on the development of Cloud Services, AI and challenges to the financial services sector.

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8 questions and 8 pillars - interview with Leon Labovitch

14 March 2018

8 pillars of change

Joel Kirkland interviews Leon Labovitch on his 8 Pillars of Change methodology ahead of the Interim Partners breakfast seminar.

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Can the NHS and private healthcare providers work together?

12 March 2018


Thanks to all those who managed to join us at the King’s Fund on the morning of the 28th February. “The Beast from the East” was after us and the snow lay heavily on Oxford Street as the Interim Partners team made their way to our breakfast seminar with Karen Jackson.

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Can Retail weather the storm

2 March 2018


Wow, what a week for Retail... £1.5bn wiped off retail stock values, Maplin and Toys R Us in administration, Jones being offloaded less than 12months since being bought out of admin - losing all head office jobs and some stores in the process...

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Casual Dining - The Tables Are Turning!

27 February 2018

casual dining

Why is this wonderful, social sector taking hammerings in the press almost daily with headlines such as “The Weak Link in the Eating-out Space” or “The Slow Death of Casual Dining”?

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The Hygienist vs Root Canal

5 February 2018


Joel Kirkland speaks to the compliance specialist Eddie Lawson about the opportunity cost and his dentist visits.

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Modular housing: is this really the answer to the housing crisis?

1 February 2018

Modular housing

Demand for housing is well documented, the skills shortage acknowledged, and construction has much to improve in productivity terms. All correct. So, is offsite modular construction now positioned front and centre as a part of the solution to the UK housing crisis?

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Employee engagement: how to do it right

18 January 2018

Employee engagement

Interim Partners recently hosted a breakfast seminar where Consultant CEO, Tim Pryce, spoke about his experiences of workforce empowerment and cultural change.

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