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Has Brexit played a part in our Olympic success?

24 August 2016

GB Olympics

I know some people will say, “what does Brexit have to do with our Olympic success?” Are the two connected? Is there that extra drive as a result of Brexit, no matter how small that spurs people on?

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Post-Brexit: Is Britain still an attractive location for businesses?

8 August 2016

UK Europe map

In truth, there is no shortage of businesses blaming Brexit but from where I stand some businesses aren’t and haven’t helped themselves and some were already on route to a bad ride anyway.

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Three peaks: we did it!

1 August 2016

Three Peaks

We did it! It was not easy, in fact it was far more difficult than any of us had prepared for but we completed it and managed to raise over £7,000 for our charity partners.

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Gender diversity in businesses dependent on STEM employees

19 July 2016

We recently held a great panel discussion event on the subject of gender diversity. This topic has been talked about for a long time, particularly with regard to the debate about quotas for the number of female board members in FTSE listed businesses. The best question from the audience was: “What changes have you implemented that delivered the quickest results?”

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Interim Partners Awards – The Passion of Winning Teams

15 July 2016

The Institute of Interim Management (IIM) have named 5 of our team in their list of the UK’s top 19 consultants. Interim Partners came 2nd out of the top 80 Interim Service Providers (we have been 1st or 2nd for the past 4 years).

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Social Housing – winners or losers post-Brexit? Depends who’s asking

14 July 2016

Maybe the two thirds of housing association tenants who voted “leave” foresaw something that the Remain camp, failed to see.

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Leading Business Change - An interview with Dr Karin Stumpf

5 July 2016

Leading business change

Dr. Karin Stumpf speaks to Ibi Thomson about the major pitfalls and critical success factors for organisations undergoing major transformation.

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An Interim is like a dentist!

28 June 2016

Guest blog by Frank Walsh, President of Association of Manufacturing Excellence – UK

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Brexit and the world of Interim

21 June 2016

Like many, I thought remaining in Europe stood to be a fairly predictable outcome although it seems that there is more of an appetite for change than I had expected, with people clearly unwilling to accept the status quo.

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Why we need to remain part of the EU

10 June 2016

Guest blog by Frank Walsh, President of Association of Manufacturing Excellence – UK

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