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Bigger threat than Brexit

27 March 2017

Our survey results show that 88% of respondents believe that Brexit is not the biggest threat to the manufacturing and engineering industry.

Confusion reigns over IR35

27 February 2017

Our Director of the Public Sector, Claire Carter, featured in the Recruiter magazine last week as she criticised HMRC for their failure to provide enough guidance on IR35.

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Adapting to a world of opportunities

8 August 2016

Adaptation and managing change are key themes of this White Paper, which is the result of annual research by Interim Partners.

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Interim interview - Laurence Tanty

3 May 2016

Our Principal of Manufacturing, Sarah Simpson, spoke with Laurence Tanty, a senior professional interim executive who used the services of many interim managers and later decided to become one herself.

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Innovation in Insurance: Technology takes the reins

11 January 2016

Whilst the boundaries of much of the insurance sector are being redrawn by the current wave of M&A deals, an equally important revolution has been occurring at the operational level across both life and general insurers.

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