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Avril Chester - from interim to entrepreneur

18 May 2018


Ben Johnson, Director of Financial Services at Interim Partners, speaks with Avril Chester on her transition from interim manager to entrepreneur.

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Teresa Bentley on the work of the London Market Group

26 March 2018

Teresa Bentley, fresh from her CII Classroom to Boardroom Initiative of the Year Award win for her work on raising awareness of Insurance as an attractive career of choice, speaks to Ben Johnson, Director, Financial & Professional Services.

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20 September 2018 - How to use interim executives to reduce demand for high-cost consultants

23 March 2018

Interim Partners is hosting a series of events on the subject of "How to use interim executives to reduce demand for high-cost consultants".

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Brexit vs Insurance Report

10 May 2017

We reached out to our executive community to find out their views on the implications of Brexit on the insurance industry. We then compiled a report which you can access below.

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Innovation in Insurance: Technology takes the reins

11 January 2016

Whilst the boundaries of much of the insurance sector are being redrawn by the current wave of M&A deals, an equally important revolution has been occurring at the operational level across both life and general insurers.

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Insurance: Investment in technology

24 September 2015

Major investment in technology should be the top priority for Insurance providers, according to Interim Partners' research.

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Is bigger always better?

28 July 2015

Many insurers insist that these mergers will create efficiencies and “widen the scope of your resources and capabilities” but what does this really mean for the customer? 

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Claims transformation in 2015

22 January 2015

The key point at which any individual will interact with their insurance company is when they have a claim; this is the moment of truth! With aggregators so prominent in the general insurance market today,

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