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John Wilkinson on digital advice strategy

15 March 2018

John Wilkinson has spent a successful career in Financial Services. Oli Templeton, Principal, Financial & Professional Services, talked to him about how to execute a digital advice strategy, excellently.

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Interim Interview: Alan Salamon

6 March 2017

Interim Interview: Pensions and Brexit

Oli Templeton, Senior Consultant - Financial & Professional Services, interviews Alan Salamon. Alan is a recognised industry leading company pension and investment specialist with strategic, operational and commercial experience in both Defined Contribution (DC) and Defined Benefit (DB) regimes.

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Not another MiFID II round up...

31 October 2016

Mifid II London City

Discussions on the MiFID II regulations and the impact these will have on the sector in light of the recent Brexit vote.

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