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Navigating the ever-changing landscape

3 July 2017

2017 Research White Paper: the past 10 years have seen UK business navigate through the banking crisis and the resulting aftershock of a double dip recession...

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Brexit vs Insurance Report

10 May 2017

We reached out to our executive community to find out their views on the implications of Brexit on the insurance industry. We then compiled a report which you can access below.

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Interim interview - Rob Law, Founder and CEO of Trunki

4 May 2017

Our Principal of Consumer Manufacturing, Sarah Simpson, interviewed Rob Law, Founder and CEO of Trunki, to find out about his business and how he has used Interim Managers.

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Results: Bigger threat than Brexit

27 March 2017

Our survey results show that 88% of respondents believe that Brexit is not the biggest threat to the manufacturing and engineering industry.

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Confusion reigns over IR35

27 February 2017

Our Director of the Public Sector, Claire Carter, featured in the Recruiter magazine last week as she criticised HMRC for their failure to provide enough guidance on IR35.

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