312 miles (and £5,200) later

In 2015 our two UK offices raced to the midway point on exercise bikes provided by Fitness First with the aim of raising money for our charity partners.

It was a great occasion and everyone was keen to take part, each cycling for 15 – 60 minutes, and we could definitely feel our legs the next day! 

Our London office won a close fought contest, cycling a total of 187.95 miles in 10.5 hours.

Highlights include (click for a picture):

We have received heaps of support and encouragement - thank you to all who have donated! 

We’ve had over 100 donations, totalling more than £2,600. New Street Group will double the amount raised (to over £5,200 at time of writing)

Thank you to everyone you gave a donation – and there’s still time to do so if you haven’t done so already.

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