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The Institute of Interim Management (IIM) has launched Provider Survey.

Click here to access the survey

See below a message from the IIM explaining the survey.

The IIM interim management providers survey

The provider survey is in its 6th year and as it is separated this year, filling it in is much shorter. 

We'll be doing other sections of the survey in a slightly different way in future (more on that another time) but the provider rankings remain a popular and we hope useful way of identifying the very best sources of interim assignments via providers. 

Please feedback and vote (there are sections for interims and providers) until the survey closes on 1st June at noon.

Each year the Institute of Interim Management (IIM) conducts and publishes it survey of the interim market. What launched in January 2004 as a small survey of the IIM membership, went public in 2010, reaching out to the wider community. Nearly 3,000 interim managers and interim service provider consultants, complete the survey each year.

Please share your feedback on interim service providers and vote for your choice of the leading interim service providers.


  • The survey opens 1st May 2015 at noon.
  • The survey closes 1st June 2015 at noon.
  • The survey report is published (here) 1st July 2015 at noon.

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