It looks pretty, but it’s not easy

In September 2015, Ash Fusiarski, a long-lasting friend of New Street Group, spoke to the current students at Spear, one of our charity partners, about 'living the dream'. 

Originally from the small Yorkshire villiage of Bolton upon Dearne, Ash always wanted to travel and see the world, and that's exactly what he did straight after his O-levels. An expedition leader, writer and mountain climbing expert, Ash is currently working on a project for the British Antarctic Survey. 

He spoke to the students about both the hardships and the perks of freelance work. It was an engaging presentation, with students asking pertinent questions:

“How did you get yourself from earning £300a month to where you are now?”

“How does being away for months on end affect your personal life?”

Ash shared what he sees as the necessary qualities for survival in the business world: drive, motivation and conviction. 

He explained that following his dream wasn’t always an easy path, and the passion and determination to succeed are what kept him going despite the numerous obstacles.  

Students who are currently applying for jobs could relate to Ash’s experience of sending thousands of emails over the past ten years, looking for the few responses that might lead to his next project.  

“People said it wasn’t possible, and I went and did it”.

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