Double award nomination

Interim Partners are delighted to have been nominated in two categories of the Recruitment Business Awards.   

We’ve been nominated for:

  • Best Niche/Specialist Agency
  • Best Illustration/Photography (in partnership with TheAllotment)


Best Niche/Specialist Agency

We actually won this award last year, and we are hoping to retain our title.


Best Illustration/Photography (in partnership with TheAllotment)

Our illustrations were created to bring to life our core values and give a splash of colour and personality to our offices. We worked with our branding agency TheAllotment, to create illustrations that would demonstrate the value of interims and the work they do in the business world.


More nominations

Our sister companies have also been nominated:

  • BrightPool - Best Candidate Experience
  • New Street - Best Executive Search Agency


The winners will be announced at the award ceremony in September, we’ll keep you posted!

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