North Yorkshire Youth

In 2016 our Harrogate office will be working with North Yorkshire Youth (NYY) as their CSR partner. 

North Yorkshire Youth give children and young people opportunities to discover their own potential.  This was their aim when they founded in 1941 and is still their aim today. 

NYY support youth work in many of North Yorkshire’s communities, whilst also organising adventurous activities from their Carlton Lodge outdoor Centre.  They also provide young people with training opportunities through their various partners.

We are looking forward to building a relationship with NYY during the coming year.

"Working in partnership with Interim Partners is an exciting new opportunity for North Yorkshire Youth (NYY) and the young people we work with.

The support young people need is varied and can come from many different places, with just one short conversation, idea or piece of advice having a life changing effect. So working together not only can we provide young people with great opportunities but it also gives both NYY and Interim Partners  the chance to make a real difference.

I’m really looking forward to building a strong relationship and, through that, helping young people realise their potential."

David Sharp, Chief Executive of North Yorkshire Youth

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