North Yorkshire Youth - CSR Day

On 1 December the Harrogate office spent a day volunteering at Carlton Lodge, the activity centre of our local charity partner, North Yorkshire Youth (NYY). We arrived early in the morning, ready for a day of hard labour.

Twenty of our volunteers were split into groups, tasked with different activities :

  • Digging trenches for archery targets and an axe throwing wall

  • Picking up leaves and painting garage doors

  • Painting dormitories in a very bright shade of yellow

David Sharp, the Chief Executive of North Yorkshire Youth, gave an overview of what they have achieved over the last 12 months. Amongst other things, they’ve opened a number of new youth clubs in the North Yorkshire area. David told the Group about how the money we raised in the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge earlier in 2016 has been allocated. We were happy to hear that schools who received funding are now able to bring children with learning disabilities to the centre.


Feedback from North Yorkshire Youth:

“Thank you for the amazing amount of work you did in a short time yesterday. As they say ‘many hands make light work’. Your team’s effort made light work of tasks that, but for you, we would have spent many hours of our time and meagre resources in; repairing the wear and tear of another busy season.”
“Thank you also so much to Doug for kindly donating the resources we needed. The benefits of the day’s work supported both the activities and facilities side of Carlton Lodge/North Yorkshire Youth. We are hugely grateful for the difference you have made to our recovery from 2016’s wear and tear and preparation for another year supporting the education and development of children and young people.”

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