Proportion of women appointed as senior interim managers surges by almost a quarter in five years

Interim Partners' Principal Mellissa Brown featured in the Evening Standard. She believes that women are increasingly seeing the benefits of an interim management career.


The proportion of women appointed to high level interim management roles has surged by almost a quarter in the last five years, as it becomes an increasingly attractive option for women to advance their careers.

A third (33%) of all interim managers are now women compared to 27% in 2008. This compares with just 22% of women currently on FTSE-100 boards.

Mellissa Brown, Financial & Professional Services Principal at Interim Partners, comments: “Increasingly, women are seeing that an interim career can have many benefits – not least the ability to earn significantly more than is typically on offer as an equivalent full time employee.

“Taking on an interim post is often the chance many women have been looking for to accelerate their careers. Such a move can enable them to take on high level, high profile roles and be well remunerated for it, but to do so on their own terms.
“Interim management has the advantage of allowing women to add significantly to their experience and develop their expertise across a range of senior positions within a relatively short space of time.
“Interim management can give an individual’s profile a substantial boost and enable a swift move up the career ladder. This is particularly important for women who want to make up ground having taken a break to have children.”


The increased percentage of female interim executives in the wake of the financial crisis is no coincidence. Mellissa adds, “The recession reinforced the notion that employment does not necessarily mean job security in the way that it once did, so more and more executives, women included, are taking a more entrepreneurial approach to their careers.

“Having weighed up the risks and rewards of marketing themselves as a self-employed expert manager that companies can parachute in, many are pro-actively choosing this route over more traditional career trajectories.”

These findings are supported by our research white paper, where earlier this year we reported a steady increase in the number of interim managers who support a quota to get more women onto boards. Click here to read the white paper.

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