Infrastructure, Business & Support Services

Our Infrastructure, Business & Support Services practice works with a wide range of businesses across Transport, Utilities, Construction, Real Estate, FM, Outsourcing and Business Services sub-sectors such as Testing, Inspection & Certification, Asset Hire and Logistics.

Whether you focus on the Built Environment, Asset Maintenance Services, Soft Services (catering, cleaning & security), or Business Process Outsourcing - we can help find the right solution for your critical business challenges.

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Business & Support Services

What sets us apart

Our focus on delivering value through performance measurement is at the very core of what we do: we share risk and reward with our clients and Interim Managers to ensure all parties are wedded to the clarity of the assignment objectives and the success of the outcomes.

We also work hard to develop long term, reciprocal relationships. This informs the commercial decisions we make and the behaviours that drive our solutions to a ‘win-win’ outcome.


"Paul is highly professional with an extensive business knowledge working successfully across numerous sectors. He has long term relationships and a real understanding of the clients' business. He analyses the tensions and potential success of the engagement and as an interim you feel briefed and equipped to be effective from day one. It is a genuine pleasure to work with Paul."

Simon Brissenden - Interim Head of Compliance, HS1

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