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Sainsbury's Asda - The Musical!

Georgia Hartley-Brewer
1 May 2018

The CEO of Sainsbury’s cringe moment on ITV News has gone viral. Caught with his microphone turned on before his interview on the proposed merger between Sainsbury’s and Asda, Mike Coupe began singing ‘We’re In The Money’ from the musical 42nd Street. It got me thinking about other appropriate tunes to bring this front-page story to life on stage.

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Can Retail weather the storm?

Stuart Hogg
2 Mar 2018

Wow, what a week for Retail... £1.5bn wiped off retail stock values, Maplin and Toys R Us in administration, Jones being offloaded less than 12months since being bought out of admin - losing all head office jobs and some stores in the process...

Retail & Leisure

The Retail & Leisure industry is going through a turbulent period. Over the past 12 months, we've helped our clients to navigate through this by providing interim consultants to tackle their problems fast, and in a cost effective way.

We have helped to implement turnaround plans at established high street names; we have supported emerging pureplays with high-growth agendas; and we have provided Board-level executives to transform the estates of store and hospitality businesses.

Ultimately, we provide consultants to address a wide range of problems where an experienced, hands-on solution is required and return on investment is paramount.

How we help

We can help you if: 

  • Your customer proposition is confused
  • You need to turn the business around, fast
  • You have international ambitions without the capability to deliver them
  • Your budget can’t stretch to a big consultancy but you need guaranteed results
  • You’re not ready for GDPR
  • Your digital channels aren’t delivering
  • You need to cut costs whilst mitigating impact on your customer

All of our network of Interim Retail & Leisure Consultants have exceptional track-records and strong references.

We engage them through our Return on Interim methodology, via statement of work or time and materials frameworks.

By defining the desired outcome, mapping out the best way to achieve success and supporting you through each stage, we deliver the results you want.

Example assignment roles

  • Chief Customer Officer – Children's Retailer
  • CFO/Turnaround Director – Ladies Apparel/Private Equity
  • Interim Digital Transformation Director - Menswear
  • International Strategy Director - Homeware
  • Programme Manager, GDPR – Media/Private Equity
  • Head of Strategic Programmes - Pureplay

Our Retail & Leisure Team...

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