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Consumer Durables Market Insight

Through years of networking, appointing and referencing across this sector, we have built up extensive knowledge of the past, present and future trends and strategies that shape the individual markets. What we are specifically good at is understanding the very nature of the burning platform, the bottleneck hindering the business performance and/or the organisational redesign and growth strategy.

By spending time listening to our clients, challenging their thoughts and expectations and sharing our expertise we are able to help them define the requirement that provides the most effective and sustainable solution for them.


Why choose us?

Why Interim Partners? We have evolved our business through quality, transparency and honesty and over the past 10 years we have built our reputation by ensuring that the Executive Interims we appoint deliver a minimum standard of success. This is a market leading initiative, that our clients really benefit from – the milestones and targets are discussed and agreed at the outset of the assignment and reviewed on a weekly basis to ensure everything is on track.

In addition, despite our practice alignments, we are a fully integrated business – ensuring that our clients have a choice of the best Interim Executives in the market, not just the best Interim Executives in their own market.

7 Nov 2019

Many aspiring NEDs are wary of the potential liabilities they face as a board member. It's important to understand the steps you can take to protect yourself.

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