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Retail Market Insight

Our Retail Sector supports a number of key UK retailers both within the FTSE 250 and SMEs. Our extensive interim network possess skills in diverse specialisms including Programme Management, Transformation, Marketing, Merchandising, Finance, Operations and HR.

Interim Partners helps retail businesses by providing them with access to a network of executive interim managers for short term change projects across all functions (Human Resources, Sales & Marketing, Finance, Merchandising, Supply Chain, Procurement and Operations) to create internal change.

Success stories from the desk

A UK crafts retailer had recently recruited a new Supply Chain Director from a competitor.

After just three months in the role, the new Director was lured back to their old firm, leaving the craft business in the lurch, especially as it was coming up to a peak trading period. The company was already in touch with us despite having had no interim requirements in the past. We had visited them, meeting a few of the team on-site at their offices. The HR Director called us directly when the news broke, asking us to find an interim to tide the business over, given that they were also opening a new Distribution Centre, meaning key tasks, such as inventory management and product flow, must be consistently maintained.

Because we already had a relationship, and understood their business and its culture, we were able to conduct a really efficient process which meant that within a week of being briefed, our candidate had been selected, interviewed and was in-situ. He held the fort admirably, even to the point of being offered a permanent role. He chose not to take it up, but instead offered to help recruit the permanent successor. The assignment saved the business a significant amount of costs should things have slipped between the cracks, and we have continued to work with this business on an occasional basis ever since.

Latest blog

What is the AI in your strategy? Artificial Intelligence or Almost Impossible?

Ian Wallis
3 Jul 2019

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast” – famous words once uttered by Peter Drucker and made popular in 2006 by the ex-president of Ford, Mark Fields. A brilliant strategy is doomed to fail if the culture of the organisation is unable to support it.

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