Technology, Media & Telecoms

Our TMT practice delivers expert interim management solutions into the Technology, Media and Telecoms markets. As well as working with businesses directly to deliver solutions across digital, finance, operations, marketing, sales and strategy, we also work in partnership with many Private Equity and Venture Capital partners, through whom we deliver game-changing solutions in support of growth, strategy and scalable professionalisation.

What sets us apart

  • Our deep and broad network of specialist interim managers and high-profiled decision-makers across the TMT market makes us fiercely well-connected to deliver quality, fast

  • We recognise and understand the idiosyncrasies of each TMT market

  • The TMT practice boasts a global network of professionals and client relationships to support the evolving complexities associated with each market




"Vespa Capital engaged Richard to support us with the hiring of a CFO for one of our portfolio’s global media and entertainment businesses. This requirement came with a rather complex criteria overlay which Richard took on board and subsequently delivered a shortlist of good people. Throughout the process, Richard was thorough, diligent and completely transparent. I would recommend Richard and, indeed, would use him again for interim assignments."

Tom Chaloner, Partner at Vespa Capital



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