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TMT Market Insight

Our TMT practice has a long history of delivering executive interim management into the Technology, Media and Telecoms markets.

Recognising that to service these sectors successfully requires an expert understanding of each sector’s particularities, the practice utilises its extensive networking power to keep abreast of the constantly changing and ever-evolving complexities associated with each market.

This allows us to offer swift, accurate and high-quality solutions across the whole landscape. 

Success stories from the desk

Interim Partners was recently engaged by one of the UK’s premier and global media groups. We were tasked to deliver an interim solution against a trinity of obstacles:

  • an LSE delisting
  • a concurrent private equity takeover 
  • the delivery of a highly-acquisitive corporate agenda across Europe 

The challenge was to secure an interim CFO, not only possessing an extensive leadership background within the media sector, but also multi-national corporate finance skills. Multinational, pre-acquisition “deep-dive” due diligence and broad post-acquisition integration were also key requirements.

Interim Partners successfully delivered an exceptional individual who received a swift approval from the board, shareholders and the PE investment partner. The interim quickly deployed their skills, knowledge and understanding of the sector to absorb the full breadth of requirements. The interim then proceeded to: 

  • define much of the operational infrastructure to support the scalability through acquisition
  • build extensive financial infrastructure 
  • embark on reshaping the business following the stock exchange delisting
  • perform thorough financial due diligence on multiple acquisition targets 

The interim CFO steered the business towards a successful year-end with its new identity as a rapidly growing PE portfolio business.

Why choose us?

In conjunction with our extensive offering across digital, finance, operations, marketing, sales and strategy, our TMT practice also has extensive relationships with a broad network of Private Equity and Venture Capital partners.

This network enables us to deliver high-value human asset to support growth, strategy and scalable professionalisation projects across multiple TMT sectors.

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