Private equity

Interim Partners have been operating in the Private Equity space since 2003 and have established themselves as a business that understands the needs of the industry and the characteristics of the people who become successful in this space. We provide executive interim solutions to the portfolio companies owned by Private Equity houses and Venture Capital firms. All of our interims are always deployed directly into the portfolio company, except in case of pre deal due diligence. 

Our typical mandate over the years has been to identify strong leaders for the positions of CEO, CFO or COO. The majority of requests we receive are to replace or energise the existing management team within a portfolio company or to help an existing team prepare the business for sale.

What sets us apart

The focus of our work has become increasingly international over the years as London has become the focal point for large and medium sized private equity houses and investments across mainland Europe and beyond into the Middle East and Far East. As such, we have built an excellent network of true international reach with a combination of a pool of executive talent who have previously been deployed in ExPat style roles, through to partners in country to extend our network and capability.


Why choose us?

  • We believe that our model of vertical markets cutting across the single horizontal market of Private Equity works well as our team are able to get deep industry specialists very quickly for our Private Equity and Venture Capital clients, mitigating their risks in the process and ensuring that we have we the best available option in the market.
  • Our clients don’t need to build multiple relationships within Interim Partners, just one point of contact to discuss your portfolio needs and work in progress then we handle the requirements from there.
  • We have a track record of handling highly sensitive mandates and confidential information and have established a reputation for finding individuals with the right kind of competencies to thrive in this type of environment. 

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