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Private Equity Market Insight

We have noticed a trend over the past two years where PE and VC houses are getting more involved with their investments and more involved directly with the hiring of change and transformation specialists, something that we’re very comfortable assisting with due to the vertical markets we have within Interim Partners. This approach was more widely used by houses with an Operating Partner function but has become more mainstream recently. 

Our Value add to the industry is that we can assist a house from market intelligence for deal origination all the way through to exit on a contingent basis, deploying well referenced, high calibre individuals in a timely fashion. Our proposition has been to highlight the best available or soon to be available subject matter expert for our clients. On every mandate we advise on neighbouring skill sets and industries to broaden the brief and with it the potential pool of executives we can select from, this is especially useful in emerging technologies and industries.

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The rise of cosmeceuticals, veganism & panda palettes

Georgia Hartley-Brewer
18 Jul 2018

The beauty market in South Korea is booming, with an estimated $13.1bn of sales in 2018 according to Mintel. Facial skin care products alone make up half of the total market share and are projected to reach $7.2 billion by 2020...

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