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We provide interim solutions to change, business or project related issues. These could include integrations, separations, regulatory driven change, such as Solvency II, or the emerging issues surrounding delegated authority. The Interim Partners team have a knowledge of the Insurance industry which is both broad and deep, which they utilise to help clients plan for future business needs. We are able to advise on trends in the market to ensure that you don’t miss out on business-critical hires due to high demand, as well as plugging gaps within your business model. Our knowledge of the Insurance market extends beyond the insurance companies we work with into the consultancy, private equity and venture capital space.

As we see the clear trends emerging we are already well progressed with candidate pooling. Digital propositions and re-platforming  are a large part of this demand with operational efficiencies and claims restructuring effecting the entire insurance industry. The trend for digital is of greater importance than ever with data analytics and big data being business critical, what is it and how can we best utilise it?

Insurance companies are finding themselves looking outside of the insurance industry for these experts as they start to really understand who their customer is and what they want from a digital platform with technology and marketing’s involvement being key to success. For the first time in years change is not purely regulatory and cost driven. We are seeing more companies turn to their brand image, considering it from the customer's point of view to ensure they are well positioned in increasingly competitive markets, such as general insurance. While winning custom is important, retention of those clients is paramount.

We work in partnership with our clients, building long term relationships that both parties can rely upon. Our aim is to partner you, to manage change and respond to the considerable challenges that the insurance market will be facing over the coming years.

A success story

Our client is a highly successful Mutual involved in investments and savings. As part of their growth strategy which is both organic and by acquisition, Interim Partners was selected as a partner to help with the preparation prior to acquisition as well as with Day 1 of the new merged enterprise.

Working closely with the CEO and Senior Management team, Interim Partners were able to provide a variety of solutions to resource and skill shortages in Project and Programme Change professionals, Operational Transformation, Sales and Marketing and Risk and Compliance professionals. As each assignment varied in deliverables and length, Interim Partners were able to create a range of solutions to deliver value including performance related bonuses and consultancy pieces over a period of time.

Candidate on-boarding was quick in order not to delay an ambitious timescale for go live whilst maintaining robust controls in candidate screening and due diligence. Interim Partners were able to demonstrate the breadth of experience, as well as an excellent network of candidates and its commitment to delivering the best results.

Why choose us?

The Insurance team at Interim Partners has nearly twenty-five years of recruitment experience with nearly twenty years in the UK and European Insurance Market. We partner with our clients to understand their business, culture and issues to ensure the interims we find for them not only answer the requirements, but are the right fit for their organisation. Each client has one point of contact who will help them navigate the business/group if necessary. It is this high-touch approach that ensures we deliver high-calibre interims every time.

7 Nov 2019

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