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Our job is to know people who we trust to deliver assignments for our clients. Professional interim managers - some of whom have been working as such for over fifteen years, have generally worked at board and senior management level, and come from every professional discipline. They are good “fixers” and can quickly assess the best way out of a problem. Having put together a plan, they have the technical, interpersonal and leadership skills to form strong teams and drive through to success. What’s more, they have in-depth experience and gravitas, so that people believe in them. They are not afraid to “roll their sleeves up” and get stuck in the challenging situations. We keep in touch with the very best interim talent and get to know them very well over years of working together.

Challenges in the sector include post-merger integration, creating sales pipelines, developing new products, cost cutting, right sizing, due diligence, implementing new systems, culture change and a myriad of other change services – there are quite a few. Often a new perspective is required to sort out a persistent problem - reassessment is often made easier with a fresh set of eyes.

Success stories from the desk

We recently placed an Interim CIO into an Oil & Gas related business. It had grown quickly, while its systems and support arrangements weren’t keeping pace with the scale of the business and its international reach. We placed an experienced interim from a different background, but with very strong international credentials. He brought the people together and quickly found a way forward – he was able to break down silos and barriers because he had no political agenda and was very project focused. He quickly achieved the required objectives and then went on to add further value to the company.

Why choose us?

  • We have many years of sector experience and have worked in the industry ourselves
  • We work hard to meet, reference and keep in touch with the very best interim managers
  • We treat each assignment as a unique project and want a successful outcome for the client, the interim and ourselves – we value our reputation highly
  • Our objective is to be seen as a trusted partner when a client has an interim need – we want to be at the “front of mind” and appreciate that interims are often called in at critical times, when speed of action is key


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