Social housing

The Social Housing sector is subject to instability as a result of a moving political landscape and subsequent funding challenges.

The sector’s role in alleviating the housing shortage and delivering affordable housing continues to be redefined, which renders leadership in the sector a tough prospect.

This position requires fresh thinking, commercial expertise, problem-solving capabilities, flexibility and transformational skills. This is where Interim Partners can help.

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Focus on Social Housing

We provide solutions within the Social Housing sector around financial and/or operational performance improvement, planned or forced change, covering substantive gaps or providing direct support to an incumbent. More specifically, our interim executives can lead specific projects that include:

  • Operational service delivery (Chief Operating Officers to Heads of Service)
  • Turnaround/transformation
  • Stock transfer
  • Service change & reconfiguration
  • Mergers & acquisitions
  • Business development/commercialisation
  • Restructuring/downsizing

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