Focus on Financial & Professional Services

I joined the business in January 2005. Doug and I had worked together for a number of years previously. And, Interim Partners had a vision of becoming number one interim management provider in the UK, and then to expand internationally, afterwards.


I went to university in Nottingham. And, I read economics and immediately went into the recruitment sector. I've been in recruitment now for the last 15 years. Primarily, I focused on working within financial services field. And, all of my experience has been largely either contract or senior interim work.


I created financial services practice for Interim Partners, which is primarily focused on retail and commercial banking and insurance. We help our clients by deploying our extensive network of professional financial services interim managers who have backgrounds in change management, finance, and regulatory change.


The financial services sector has undergone incredible change over the last few years. Much of the change has been very regulatory driven. And, the demand for interim management within financial service sector has never been higher. The war for talent is very much back on in the financial services sector. Interim managers with experience of specific change programs, specific regulatory knowledge, the ability to be able to grow and deliver strategies for our clients are hugely in demand.


An example of the recent client success story is where we supported a challenger bank through its growth strategy in the run up to an IPO. We provided multiple interim managers with skills in risk, finance, and change management to deliver results for our clients. A typical client assignment for us is largely around delivering a piece of change. Our clients engage with Interim Partners to ensure that we help them to deliver change programs and achieve maximum results in short time frames.

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