Focus on Life Sciences

My remit is to develop the Life Sciences business, so pharmaceutical, medical devices, and bio-technology companies. Some of the roles which I've lately been recruiting for are quite general manager roles. The role which I just sent some profiles for and shortlisted for was an interim operations manager for a medical devices company in the north of England. They had a gap to fill because the current interim operations manager is leaving, and they need someone to run the site for nine months, boost the morale, so make some changes within the site, within the management team, help the leadership team and also help developing people on the shop floor.


At the moment a lot of businesses, after recession, they're growing again. So we have requirements for businesses who want to set up manufacturing sites and salesman operations offices in Asia. It's a challenge, of course, but in a way also a good challenge, that instead of scaling down, it seems that a lot of companies after the recession are growing. Our client has someone leaving on very short notice which was quite unexpected for them, and they ask our help to replace this person. But instead of making this a permanent position, they ask us to replace this person on interim basis, because for this role, if they have to recruit someone on permanent basis, it's a recruitment process of months. And we were able to find someone in a few days' time, they did the interview. This person was available, and he could start on very short notice.


The roles which I have mainly been working on were general manager roles, so this can be interim role for three, six, nine months. The client was looking for someone either an interim general manager, interim managing director, or CEO. The morale was very low and they really need someone to come in, to bring the spirit back in the site, turn it around, help with leadership team and really make cultural changes.

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