Focus on Retail Financial Services

So the banking sector at Interim Partners consists of quite a broad range of clients. We will support your traditional top four High Street banks. We work with challenger and pre-licensed banks, billing societies, and special lenders.


I guess in terms of the challenges that we help them with, well, they're quite broad. So all of our clients are facing the move into digitalization. We are working across a very tough regulatory climate. So again, there will be a lot of challenges from the area, as well as the need to drive operational efficiencies and collect debt.


In terms of how we can help our clients, all of the consultants that work within the banking practice have a very deep knowledge and understanding of the sector that we operate in. And what that means is that we're able to provide a really consultative approach to our clients in order to help them with their interim recruitment. I think it's a really exciting sector to be in because of the vast amount of change that's taking place, whether that's through the demises of the larger banks or the growth of the challenger banks or even the tough regulatory climate that they're following at the moment.


So the main themes that we've seen this year and the challenges that the banking sector are facing is the move into digitalization and the reduction of the branch network. We're also finding that there is an increased demand for consistent and accurate data. So the need to ensure the enterprise to where housing is efficient is very important. We're also seeing that a continuation of regulatory changes are driven through the practice.


So I worked with a private equity backed challenger bank earlier this year. They required an interim treasury specialist with expertise and hedge accounting. One of the issues with this client is that they're not based in London. And a lot of the talent that would be associated in this pool would work in the London market. So through my networking skills and the individuals I already knew, I was able to provide them, within a very short timescale, a range of candidates with a view to them starting immediately. I placed somebody within 24 hours and they were due to start the following week. So I don't actually believe that there is a typical client and assignment.

Our role is very varied and so are the types of opportunities that we recruit. They would range from covering all of the business disciplines within a bank or a consumer lender. So that would typically cover finance, risk, operations, change in transformation. Typically a lot of the roles that we do actually recruit, specialize, are focused around some form of change within the business, whether that be an integration, or a regulatory change, or there just simply be driving through a new IT system for instance.

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