If an Interim Executive is the answer, What is the question

Client success stories

If an interim is the answer...

Steve: If an interim manager is the answer, the question is probably, how do I solve this problem?


Norma Warwick-Smith: Can you solve this problem?


Scott Hutchinson: What is the best way that we can bring new talent and greater performance into our business?


Claire Lauder: I would say that there is probably an issue. Something is not perfect in our business.


Mellissa Brown: The question would be, I am looking to implement some changes within the business and don't have internal support. How can I ensure that we deliver?


Claire Carter: I think the question is how do I solve this problem whilst running my business?


Richard: You know you have to solve the problem that you, and often the best way to do that is to engage a professional interim manager who has experience of dropping into this kind of situation and actually fixing problems.


Claire Carter: I think interim managers are the key to organizations being able to run their business as normal, but at the same time improve upon areas that might be challenging for them.


Doug Baird: If you are hiring an interim manager, it could be for a number of reasons. It could be because you want to go through some big change or transformation.


Paul Phillips: Decline in sales, if you need growth in sales, if it's a people problem, if it's a systems problem, then the interim can be a solution.


Ben Johnson: Then I need a need some help to change the way we are doing things. It would also be another question. That's a statement, I suppose. Then who can help me change the way we are working. I think it's going to be something along those lines, cut around that.

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