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Interim Management... in three words

Richard: Can I sum up interim management in three words?


Claire Carter: Interim management in three words?


Claire Lauder: I would say...Wow, I don't know what I would say.


Ben Johnson: I couldn't sum it up in three words. No, absolutely not.


Doug Baird: Wow, I could sum it up in 10.


Paul Phillips: If I was summing up interim management in three words?


Annaliese Rogers: Cost effective and it's all about performance.


Paul Phillips: Solution focused, stimulating. Does that count as three?


Scott Hutchinson: Interim management works.


Claire Lauder: Impactful, results-focused. You should've given me that one before.


Doug Baird: If I'm an interim manager, I'd say it's probably about talent, experience and maturity.


Paul Phillips: Experienced, value, and risk-management.


Interviewer: Hyphenated?


Paul Phillips: Hyphenated.


Interviewer: Okay. I'll give you that.


Mellissa Brown: Speed of delivery.


Simon: Flexible, dynamic and impact.


Norma Warwick-Smith: Fast and effective.


Richard: The three words I would pick would be turn-around, change management, and project management. Even though that's five words.


Claire Carter: Flexible, quick and I don't know. I don't know.

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