Our values, by our people

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Our values, by our people

David Dagger: From our values the one I associate with most closely would probably be brave.


Doug Baird: Visionary.


Liz: Collaborative.


Paul Phillips: Honorable.


Richard: Genuine.


Steve: I think that's the most important value around the culture of Interim Partners.


Richard: Internally, because people are straight with each other. And externally, because if we're straight with interims and with clients we'll build great businesses.


Steve: Consultants, I think, are genuinely authentic. We're straightforward and honest. And I think candidates and clients really value that.


Annaliese Rogers: To really, really excel in this job, I do think you need to be brave. To back ourselves, to know that the process that we're running is the best process that can be done.


Claire Carter: And, I think that you do have to be quite brave to stretch yourself and develop as a person and as a recruiter. I don't like to stay within my comfort zone because the magic happens outside of your comfort zone.


Paul Phillips: Being driven by making an honorable choice, a choice with integrity, drives you towards the longer term commercial choice, which is based around the quality of the relationship and doing the right thing.


Mellissa Brown: I think the value that I identify with the most is being genuine. I think it is really important to develop strong relationships with candidates and you can only do that if you are a genuine person and they really get to know who you are.


Andrew McIntee: I'm a genuine believer in trying to create and innovate new ideas to enable us to deliver better solutions to our clients both in the UK and abroad, across all of our brands.


Doug Baird: Division rate. That's because, I dreamed about what Interim Partners could be 10 years ago and I've still got really good ideas as to what I'd love it to be in 10 years' time. So, for me, it's really about setting the agenda with my colleagues and hopefully encouraging them to aspire to something even bigger and better than where we are today.

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