What is Interim Management?

Do I need an interim manager?

What is Interim Management?
In a nutshell...

Paul Phillips: Interim Partners provides experienced career interims to businesses experiencing change or distress, seeing them through that period and delivering tangible business results.


Andrew McIntee: The value out of Interim Management is the ability to be able to get up to speed with a problem very quickly, have an immediate impact, and leave a lasting legacy behind.


Claire Carter: I think the true value add of Interim Management is a fresh pair of eyes.


Annaliese Rogers: Depth of knowledge, understanding, and expertise.


Scott Hutchinson: They will find out what is wrong and they will work at fixing that.


Claire Lauder: They will make an impact as soon as they get into the business.


Steve: If an Interim manager is the answer, the question is probably how do I solve this problem?


Paul Phillips: Decline in sales, if you need growth in sales, if it's a people problem, if it's a systems problem, then Interim can be the solution.


Doug Baird: I think what makes us truly unique is trying to develop some of the other tools that can help our Interim managers succeed, one of them being our return on Interim tool that really helps measure performance and report that back to our clients and our candidates.


Richard: I placed one gentleman many years ago who saved, I think, $2.3 million within about six months.


Paul Phillips: I think the key difference between Interim Management consultancy is that Interims are delivery focused. They deliver practical solutions.


Annaliese Rogers: A management consultancy is often brought in to do a diagnostic piece, often the end result of which is a written report.


Steve: I would say Interims tend to be more delivery focused, probably have more experience attacking a specific problem that a client may have.


Doug Baird: We're fortunate in the fact that we are not just a London-centric business. London's important to us because it allows us access to a lot of our key clients. But we've also got a fantastic office in Harrogate. So we are incredibly fortunate to have two bases to do business from in The UK.


Claire Carter: There is a huge amount of talent out there on our Interim network.


Simon: A client can employ them very, very quickly. It gives them a very, very flexible level of resource that's overpowered for the role.


Doug Baird: Creating a fantastic digital platform allows us to reach out and find talent wherever we need to really quickly for our clients.


Paul Phillips: To be able to use executive Interims to come in and bring their years of experience on a flexible basis, I think, is a great resource to have.


Annaliese Rogers: To sum up, Interim Management in three words ...


Scott Hutchinson: Interim Management works.


Steve: Solution focused, stimulating. Does that count as three?

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