Why Interim Partners is a great place to work

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Why Interim Partners is a Great Place to Work

David Dagger: The things that make Interim Partners a great place to work would include first of all, the people.


Richard: It's a company which has a really good standing. It's a top interim management provider and actually, inside the company is extremely collegiate. People work in teams and they work really closely together and help each other.


Claire Lauder: We're ranked the 16th best place to work and to work for. A lot of people ask why it's such a great place to work and I think it is very much about the people that work here. It's really ambitious for a relatively small business and quite a young business.


Norma Warwick-Smith: If a consultant for example lands an interim, the most perfect job, it changes that person's life. I think that it's a real lovely industry because of that, because your products are your people.


Richard: Even though I've been in interim a long time, I've learned lots since I've been here. If you have ideas and you can justify them, then you can carry those out which is great.


Claire Carter: I think we have a very clear direction of where we're going and what we need to do as a group to get there.


Scott Hutchinson: The environment is set up to succeed and the people are all professional that work here. It's a great feeling to come in to a business where everyone is pushing towards the same goals but also sharing the same values.


David Dagger: It's the sort of organisation where, if you want to work hard and really get involved, then that will be really rewarded.


Annaliese Rogers: We've got people from all of other big name competitors who have come here to bring a real melting pot of ideas and experience within interim management.


Paul Phillips: The tenure of the directors I think speaks for the fact that it continues to be a great place to work and it will be for the years to come.


Mellissa Brown: If you're looking to work in a really grownup and mature environment where they allow you to take accountability and run a desk as you wish, then I think it's a really great place to be.


Steve : Interim Partners is a great place to work because of the quality of the people, because it's a highly professional organisation that sets high standards for itself, the quality of people it hires and for the service it delivers to candidates and clients.


Brittany Seabrook: We've got a really good team, a really good group of people. It's a fun, friendly atmosphere.


Kelly Rogers: Everyone here is really knowledgeable in their fields and so it's a company that you can really grow with and learn from.


Ben Johnson: I think one of the very good aspects of Interim Partners is that they specialize in what they do. They concentrate on that market and that niche and they just deliver interims which means that the network is very, very strong.


Doug Baird: If someone's thinking about joining us, I'd simply say it's a great place to work. That's because of the culture that we have, the atmosphere and really, to the pleasure of working with such a talented bunch of people.


Claire Lauder: If somebody was thinking about joining us, I'd say join. Quite simply, if you want to work in a business where there is a huge amount of opportunity, if you want to recruit an interim management level, I don't know if there's actually any other better businesses to join in that space.


Scott Hutchinson: I believe that Interim Partners are at the top of their game. As someone who is an interim provider, why wouldn't you want to join the best that there is?

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